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Sunday, April 10, 2011

薛尼盧梅名言 Sidney Lumet Quotes


所有電影的目的都在提供娛樂, 但有些我認為它更往前ㄧ步, 它會讓觀眾去檢視自己的良知,刺激思考,讓心思流轉.
While the goal of all movies is to entertain, the kind of film in which I believe goes one step further. It compels the spectator to examine one facet or another of his own conscience. It stimulates thought and sets the mental juices flowing.

場景也是我電影中的角色, 城市能夠承現該鏡頭需要的氛圍.
Locations are characters in my movies," he wrote. "The city is capable of portraying the mood a scene requires.

如果我沒遇上我迷戀的劇本, 我會挑那些我喜歡的. 如果沒遇上我喜歡的劇本, 我會挑跟我喜歡的演員合作, 或者有技術難度的創作
If I don't have a script I adore, I do the one I like. If I don't have one I like, I do one that has an actor I like or that presents some technical challenge.

好的風格, 對我而言, 是看不見的, 能讓人感受到的才是
Good style, to me, is unseen style. It is style that is felt.

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