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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

movie notes


what inspired me the most from this movie was the smell and life of the city, from the cum on the backseat to the madmen on the sidewalks, the filthy siren neon streets, the dirty cab stations. My favorite scene - the empty room with only the sound of the tv.

注意細節, 場景該有的真實味道和亂度, 使用過的後的樣貌, 該遺留的東西, 非本場景但周遭該有的燈光, 聲音...


Normally, a subject matter like the holocause needs very delicate and serious treatment, but the director took a courageous approach and made it a comedy, maybe it is aimed to make people laugh but it acutally made people cry with its optimism and innocence

選擇題材, 以不同的方式切入, 開個玩笑...

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