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Friday, February 4, 2011

表情 emotions revealed

0:55 -

"gestures are diverse as language, but emotion is universal"

"手勢跟語言ㄧ樣分歧, 但表情確是共通的"

5:30 -

"Each emotion prepares the body for a specific action" meaning when a person is angry blood surges to the arms preparing you for a fight. When a person is scared blood flows to the feet preparing for an escape."

“每一個表情都讓身體準備進行某一個特別動作, 人生氣時血液會衝到手部準備打架, 人害怕時血液會衝到腳部準備逃跑“

9:17 -

"Microexpression" - concealed emotion

"微表情" - 人的情緒在刻意掩飾下還是會有一閃即逝的表情出現

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