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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

episode 1 - portraits
  1. judge says: wants to be surprised, see a different angle, show inner world to outer world.
  2. miles portrait of nao - morbid feeling, death portrait ( historical context), sense of drowning.
  3. nao's portrait of miles - only showing movement of dots and lines, simon says: not only conceptual but needs visuals, the judges need to see whats going on.
  4. good art is not what it looks like, but what it makes us feel.

episode 2 - sculptures
  1. jon kessler: objects have memory, they have a life, something romantic, mysterious about them.
  2. does your piece reflect you as an artist? where are you in this piece?
  3. does this sculpture have life? energy?
  4. judges: the spirit of this challenge is making the electronic junk personal.
  5. judith: piece needs direction, trong: needs a new layer - 4 tv's cant become 4 tv's

episode 3 - book cover
  1. distinguish itself in the marketplace (example: use damien hirst's painting for darwin's origin of species)
  2. simplicity is important
  3. intergrate text and image (example: blood becomes word)
  4. know your genre (example: dont turn the time machine, a dark sci-fi novel into a cute fairy tale)

episode 4 - shocking piece of art
  1. Sometimes something shocking is not meant to be shocking
  2. life, art, and politics, things are relative
  3. she is just coming out as an artist, finding her voice (find your voice~)

episode 5 - audi experience
  1. the piece took too long to explain, might be too complex for the judges
  2. don't make it look like a conventional portrait, give it something special
  3. don't go into painter-bation (nimble on too little detail) need to declare a statement
  4. part of making a great moment is let the audience fill the blanks, the piece is too literal, you filled in all the blanks
  5. too literal - hard to digest
  6. the piece has no rythme
  7. the piece keeps it simple, it involves you, me, the viewer, and the world
  8. psychological development, take most vulnerable situation and turn it around
  9. the only rule in art is what works

Episode 6 - Public Art
  1. Why there isn't enough public art in the world, because people can't come together to make it happen
  2. serious concern of the safety of the structure

Episode 7 - Childhood Memories
  1. not about drawing like a kid, or re-creating what you would have done at a young age
  2. its about using the memories in a poetic way
  3. have a main event and a great supporting cast of characters
  4. level of obscurity of information, feels just right
  5. getting personal, made it universal
  6. took a risk and it really paid off
  7. successful, also very mysterious, love that it doesn't show itself on first glance
  8. isn't good, it's generic and not telling
  9. none of the ideas have been developed
  10. good art is not what it looks like, but what it makes us feel
  11. also needs to be appealing

Episode 8 - Opposing Themes
  1. at this point of the competition, no point to hold back
  2. this piece is not literal allows me to contemplate what's going on

Episode 9 - Nature
  1. not futuristic enough, not prehistoric enough, needs more concept
  2. while masterful, doesn't do much giving, doesn't do much engaging
  3. several elements incorporated, but no execution
  4. have strong sense of material and design, missing vision

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